Sharon Brackins – Lost 51 pounds and 50.5 inches

“I began my journey back to healthy living at Diet Center. I was met by a very capable woman who would become my new best friend, Lois. We talked about the different programs and settled on Thermogenics. What a life altering day!

At the time I weighed 185 pounds – more than I had ever weighed in my life. It was difficult to face the number, but I forged ahead and set my goal for 50 pounds. At 135, I would not be the skinniest I had ever been, but that would be a healthy weight. I have been blessed with good health and the only problem I was having at the time was acid reflux for which I took medication. My doctor endorsed the DC program and I began on September 5, 2007.

I embraced the whole concept of the Diet Center and have changed my eating habits over the past 6 months. I have added regular exercise to my day and feel great. An added bonus has been that I no longer have acid reflux and am on no medication. As I have lost the pounds, more folks have commented and I have been excited to tell them how I lost the 50 pounds and over 48 inches. I just recently slipped into a size 6 dress (down from a size 16!!)

My husband has been so proud of my self discipline and I have surprised even myself at my capabilities. My self esteem has soared because I don’t have to hide in my clothes anymore. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Lois and Jill. They “lost” every pound with me. To me that is the DC difference – that TOGETHER we can do it!”


Andrea Takahashi – Lost 71 pounds and 86 inches

“I first started with Diet Center in 1998 and my weight went from 247 pounds to 150. I felt great.

Then life’s pressure caught up with me. My father’s health was failing and I stopped going to Diet Center. My weight came back and this time I topped out at 207. After my 50th birthday and my father’s death, I found myself back to my fat self. Once again, I was huge. I couldn’t keep up with my children and I was facing health problems because of my weight. My only means of support came bearing only calories.

Then, I started going to Diet Center in South Everett where I met Jeanine Wagner. She was, and still is, the perfect professional cheerleader for me. She encouraged me to lose more weight than I ever thought I could. I feel now, at 121 pounds, that I have added years to my life…healthy years. I know my children are proud of me, no longer embarrassed by their fat mom. I am now on maintenance with Jeanine and she promises me she will never let me go back to my former fat self. And I never will!”


Lianne Pitcher – Lost 54 pounds and 72 inches

“Diet Center changed my life! I have struggled with my weight for almost 30 years, fluctuating up and down from using different diet plans, never being successful in keeping the weight off. I had become resigned that I would always be an 18 plus sized woman. I am approaching 40 in a couple years and my health and body seemed to be deteriorating, so I decided that I was going to do something about it. One of my coworkers joined Diet Center and had success in losing weight and inches so I finally decided to join the program. When I came to Diet Center and met with my counselor Dawn, I found out that my major problem was having a slow metabolism rate. I learned earlier about eating good foods, but discovered I was “super sizing” my salads to make up for the missed meal times and not eating properly causing the weight gain.

Working forty to fifty hours a week and a mother of two rambunctious boys, I found that the plan was so simple and convenient to follow. The bars on the Instant Shape Up weight loss program, made it ideal for me, ensuring that I got my meals in daily due to my hectic schedule. My local Diet Center is also located at a Gym, which ensured that I got my daily exercise in. Paired with the constant encouragement and appointments with Dawn and support from fellow gym members, I saw the 54 pounds and the 72 inches melt off my surprising small frame. I have been able to maintain the weight loss, going from a size 24 at my largest, now to a size 8/10 and will continue because this plan isn’t just a diet but a lifestyle change with I have fully embraced. For the first time ever in my life I now own a bikini. I am more confident in my life whether it relates to work, social, or family outings, and I am no longer shying away from having my photo being taken. I can only hope that my success will encourage others around me, who struggle with their weight, and know that weight loss can be achieved and it can be achieved right with Diet Center.”