Cues that trigger us to eat come from our environment.

Being around friends, special occasions, television, or just the sight or smell of food can stimulate us mentally to want to eat, even when we’re not hungry. It’s possible to take measures to control your environment, so that you can find yourself in less situations that encourage you to overeat.

Here are 4 easy weight loss tips for all that summertime temptation.

1. Keep Your Home Colorful

The first place you can gain more control is in your home. Keep unhealthy foods out of your home, or out of sight. Try to keep colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables around instead. Pick a place, such as your dining room or kitchen, where you will eat any meals and there are no distractions (i.e. television, bills, computers).

2. Dine Out Strategically

When you dine out, try to select places that you know feature healthier dishes. Avoid going to buffets or places that serve family-style. Try to dine with friends who are also watching what they eat. Then you can request that bread and butter not be brought out, and refuse to see the dessert menu or tray. If you have no choice where you will be dining, try curbing your appetite on low-calorie foods before you leave.

3. Avoid Snack Areas at Work

At work, avoid areas where there are vending machines or where donuts and other treats may be. Pack your own pre-portioned, healthy lunch, and don’t eat at your desk. Find a quiet area without distractions, sit outside on a nice day, or even sit in your car if it is the only place where you can relax and focus on your meal. You can even have convenient snacks handy, such as an apple or Gold Premium Nutritional Supplement.

4. Drink Lots of Water

Stay cool and stay hydrated by committing to drink at least 60 ounces of water a day. And above all, stay way from soft drinks!  Maybe you’ve thought, “Can’t I just consume fewer regular soft drinks?” Soft drinks are high sugar beverages that lack nutrients, and a 12-ounce cola contains about 150 calories. If a person adds just one 12-ounce cola a day to his/her daily intake (and not make any other changes in diet or exercise), this could amount to a 15-pound weight gain in one year!
Environmental cues can be mentally challenging when you are trying to improve your eating behavior to lose weight. Taking measures to control your environment can help prevent you from being in challenging situations, and make it easier to succeed in reaching your weight loss goals.