Gentle exercises can be effective in getting your body in shape.

You don’t have to push yourself to the point of feeling pain, in order to benefit from exercise. In fact, pushing yourself too hard may cause more harm than good. It is probably wise for people to focus on effective, but gentler exercises; especially in their forties. By the time you’re in your forties, your joints have been through years of work. Low impact exercises will not put excess strain on your joints.

Here are three tips for better, gentle exercise to get you in shape.

1. Do Low Impact Exercises

Some low impact exercises that are effective in burning fat and calories include walking, aerobics and using stationary bicycles or elliptical trainers.

2. Cut Back On More Intense Exercise

If you still wish to continue more intense exercises (such as running) try to cut back on the frequency. You can consider running every other day, alternating with walking on days in between.

3. Use Rest Days

Physical activity is essential for a healthy body. However, your body needs time to recover from sessions. With time and age, it may be more beneficial to participate in more gentle, low impact exercises. Such exercises put less strain on our bodies, yet are effective in boosting metabolism.


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