Happy Holidays! This is a time to be with friends or family, sharing or receiving gifts. You can think of your weight loss journey with Diet Center – Cincinnati as the most important gift you have given yourself. Think of this as a time to experience new tastes. You are learning to take your time and enjoy the entire experience of eating. You’re developing healthy eating habits that will nurture your body, give you energy, and achieve your desired body weight.

Experimenting with new foods, recipes, eating behaviors, and exercises can be exciting! So enjoy and have fun with your present! What could be a better gift than one that could make you feel healthier, look better, and feel good about yourself?

Here are 4 tips for winning at losing weight during the holidays.

1. Make Stressful Moments Opportunities for Exercise

Traveling for the holidays? Not looking forward to the experience at the airport, where it seems like your gate is all the way at the opposite end of the airport from where you are (especially when you are late and have to rush to catch your flight)? On top of that, you probably have heavy or bulky carry-on luggage to haul across the airport. Instead of dreading this airport experience, look at it as a form of “free exercise!” After all, there is probably no way to avoid the situation.

Prepare yourself by wearing comfortable shoes. Try not to pack heavy carry-on luggage that will be too awkward to drag around. So while it may not be any fun rushing through the airport to find your gate and catch your flight, at least you’ll be getting some calorie-burning physical activity in your day!

2. Use Carrots As a Healthy Snack

Carrots are one of the best sources of vitamin A (with over 200% of the RDA). Vitamin A can help protect against cancer, enhance your immune system, and improve night vision. Carrots are a good source of fiber; which can help you feel full, help control sugar levels, and help lower cholesterol levels. The iron in carrots is also fairly well absorbed by the body. Carrots are also a source of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, and folate. You can gain benefits from the nutrients in carrots whether cooked or raw; since little nutrients are lost in cooking carrots. So try them chopped with apples and cabbage. Enjoy them topped on salad, cooked in stews, or fresh and crunchy as they are!

3. Have A Plan for Holiday Meals

A great way to survive the holidays is to avoid waiting until the day of holiday events or until after holiday events to adjust your eating behavior. Holidays are a time for celebration. You can celebrate by making the most out of visiting with friends and family. There will also be favorite foods that you will want to celebrate with. You can consume some of your favorite foods as long as you don’t wait to adjust your eating behavior and plan ahead. For example, plan to eat a light snack before a meal, so that you aren’t too hungry. Also plan on consuming larger portions of healthier items. These behaviors will help you to eat smaller portions of some of those favorite foods that can throw you off track.

4. Socialize Instead of Snack During the Holidays

Plan on spending time socializing instead of hanging out by the buffet. If you’re going to bring something to someone else’s party, you can offer to bring salad, steamed vegetables, or some other light dish. You can even offer to bring non-food items such as festive napkins and decor, or games for entertainment. Planning your schedule (especially if you have several places to be) can help make things easier as well. If you don’t plan for enough time to rest and relax, you may become stressed and tired. This can make it difficult to control your eating habits. The season for celebration is here. So try to celebrate your new lifestyle that will help bring you to your desired weight!