While many people are in search of effective methods for quick weight loss, this isn’t always the best course of action. The professional dietitians at Cincinnati’s Diet Center stress the importance an overall lifestyle change to lose weight and keep it off. In business since 1973, this weight loss clinic offers a host of programs aimed at helping their clients maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

They also strive to dispel quick weight loss myths that can actually have a negative impact over time. The following are three of the most common dieting myths, which should be avoided if you’re serious about changing the way you eat for life.

1. Cutting The Fat Is Crucial

It simply stands to reason; storage of body fat can pack on the pounds, so cutting fat from your diet is the fastest way to lose weight. However, cutting the fat doesn’t always result in a quick weight loss. You need fat in your diet to remain healthy, and some research suggests that certain fats can even help you lose weight. High-calorie foods are the bigger weight gain culprit, especially when you don’t get the right amount of exercise.

2. Snacking Is Always Bad

You may also believe that you must strike snacking from your diet to lose weight in a hurry. While eating too much of the wrong foods can certainly result in weight gain, healthy snacks serve an important role in a well-rounded diet. Eating things like fruits and veggies between meals will prevent you from overindulging when dinner time rolls around.

3. Avoid All Carbs

Carbs are an essential source of fuel for your brain and body. While it’s true processed carbs are bad for you, certain types (such as beans) offer high nutritional content in a low-calorie package. Carbs are particularly important if you plan on incorporating a vigorous exercise regimen to your life.

Optimum health is about more than just quick weight loss. Diet Center will help you achieve your goals using trusted methods that many of their past clients swear by. If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area, call (513) 779-­6500 to begin your weight loss journey at Diet Center – Cincinnati. You can also visit them online to learn more.

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